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Leah Sanders Swim' SS23

This is a 8mm short for Leah Sander Swim's 2023 summer campaign all shot in Cape Town South Africa, developed in London.


'Last Exit space' for Katermukke.

Yes, it's romance & a bit of galactic craziness! The Berlin DJs and producers Niconé and Dirty Doering have created a beautiful, spherical album “Last Exit Space”:111 BPM, 11 tracks, 1 story.

The second single "No Turning Back" is such a beautiful, melodic and mesmerizing soundtrack to start a journey through time and space. Baby let's cruise - away from here. You want to take that literally and just go for it - carried by the 80's synthie- pop, the gripping bass and this strong voice that gives you goosebumps

Released by:



Merchants of the sun.

Directed by Wesley Lewis, Michael Veltman & Benoit Lalande
Art Direction by Wesley Lewis
Edited by Benoit Lalande
Soundtrack and sound design by Michael Veltman
Additional Cinematography by Jackson O'Brien
Produced by Matthew Banks


Lisa, Nyang nyang.

A short exploration of beauty with a promise.

shot in Bali , Indonesia

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